Krav Maga

Pronounced "Krahv Magah" and means "Contact Combat" in Hebrew.  It is the official self-defense and fighting system used by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Israeli Police and Security Services, and numerous U.S. law enforcement agencies.  Since 1964, Krav Maga has been taught to civilians and law enforcement all over the world. 

This unique training method has been recognized as the most efficient self-defense system for real-life situations, emphasizing practical defenses against real attacks.  It has been taught to hundreds of U.S. law enforcement agencies and thousands of civilians. [Read More]

Summer Student Rate 

10 weeks of unlimited 
self-defense and conditioning classes for only $300. 

*Valid student ID is required
*No enrollment fee

News and Upcoming Events

  1. Integrated Krav Maga / Concealed Carry Class
    This is a three-day class. Enrollment is limited.
    Contact the school for dates and times.  [More Info]

Are you ready for a Lifestyle Change?

Allen and Vickie Penny talk with Steve Woolridge, Chief Instructor Krav Maga for Kansas City, about their healthy lifestyle changes as they follow Steve's Fighters' Diet.

Introduction to Krav Maga Seminars  [More Info]

  1. September 6th

  2. October 4th

  3. November 1st

  4. December 6th